Cello School

come as you are and become what you want

I am proud to say that I have students of al ages and levels my oldest student is 85 years!

The cello is a wonderful instrument( the best) with a sound much like the human voice. You can play any genre and alone or in huge groups, only your imagination can set the limits.

As a cello teacher my mission with my cello school is to create an interest in my students and give the knowledge of learning how to learn. I want that every student that has a lesson with me get the value of learning and create lifelong interest for the cello.  The cellist life is filled with community, friendship, history  

Not only the skill to play but the interest to do so through the whole life. The skills you learn with your instrument is also transparent to other parts of your life.

Nobody ever said I regret that I learned to play cello.

In the cello lessons we learn:

  • Study techniques: How to learn and practice
  • Goals: How to set goals and reach them
  • Memorizing: how to train the ability to memorise
  • Expression: How to express our feelings and tell stories
  • Stage performance: How to meet an audience (without stage anxiety ) how to preform our best at any given moment
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence: How to build up and discover who we are and what we can do

As a cellist, we need abilities as craftsmen, human and an artist. A cello player needs all three ingredients, that is why learning an instrument is a gift not only in music but for life.


  • 3o minutes – 30€
  • 45 minutes – 35€
  • 60 minutes – 42€

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