Personal Lessons

Cello & Mental Training

helping you to become the musician you are.

Petronella focuses on teaching you the whole package of being a successful musician: skills on your instrument, study techniques (you will get the ultimate practising tools for good ergonomic and effective practise), stage performance (This training is techniques that elite sports athletes use to be able to perform their best at any given moment. Petronella think every individual should be able to play and share their music one stage without fear), music ear training and theory.

Original Cello

Petronella teaches in all of the musical genres, Jazz, classical, folk and more. Her speciality is to sing and play the cello at the same time. She loves to experiment with the cello and exercise out of the box concepts such as walking and playing the cello at the same time and playing with a loop station.

Petronella likes to teach in the positive pedagogic methods or as she calls it ”foolproof”. With Foolproof she means that her teaching should be so clear and well explained that everyone can understand it, her goal is that it should be clear to the student what to do for learning and reaching their goals. Learning should be a positive process. Petronella is very inspired and has had classes with Pedagogical and leading educationalist (in the UK) Paul Harris. His books and methodology are frequently used in her classes.

Mental Training

To stand in front of a 1000 audience practising your art, a sweet dream or a nightmare?

Petronella offers mental training classes where the students learn to cope with all the challenges that being on stage and always performing your very best require. It is a well-known fact that musicians in general suffer from great nervousness stage fright and stress syndromes. It doesn’t have to be that way! You can with help of mental training be given the tools to a musical life with the joy of being on stage. Petronella uses methods from sports psychology and from the leading scientist in brain science she tailors coaching that will make you realise your potential and being able to control how to perform your very best. Mental training classes can be given in groups or individual. Your mind is a muscle that needs to go to the gym just as much as your body.

The difference that makes the difference is you.

Stage performance classes, marketing and entrepreneur classes

In the Stage performance, marketing and entrepreneur classes Petronella teaches how to build a company and make an artistic brand which contains knowledge in how to get concerts, how to find jobs, how to make a webpage and promote yourself and much more.

The point with this classes is to get practising of making concerts on stage and off stages. As a musician you must know all the administration work and requirements of a concert not only the actual playing.  

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