Take-Away Concerts

Feed your ears! You can order your very own concert and get it delivered to a location of your chose. Suprise that loved one that has everything with a unique experience or surprise the guest at your party.


Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.” Maria Augusta von Trapp What do we really know about these mythical persons that dig deep into our soul and releases our most secret feelings? Do I want to find out how they do it? Yes, and what made them so good at it! I want to make a music podcast about how successful musicians became successful.


I am Petronella Torin, a mid-twenty (the best years) Cellist from Sweden. I currently study my Master in Music Performance in Liège, Belgium. Feel free to look around my virtual home and discover my adventures and see my take-away offers 😉

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A Swedish Cellist – Petronella Torin. A crazy cello player from the beautiful country of Sweden. She believed she could, so she did.

Petronella Torin was raised in a very small village in one of the most beautiful areas of rural Sweden. She spent her early youth among wild animals in the big forest and all other kinds of animals she could possibly find and take home to the family farm. One day, Petronella suddenly decided that she wanted to become a fantastic cellist, not anymore a world-famous horse rider. It took everyone by surprise.