Welcome to my internet home. I am Petronella Torin, a Swedish Cellist. I am currently working as a performer singing and playing the cello, a teacher in cello and musical introduction for children, a mental trainer for musicians and I have my very own podcast: Master in Music.

Feel free to look around my online home and discover my adventures and explore what I have to offer!

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A crazy cello player from the beautiful country of Sweden. She believed she could, so she did. Petronella Torin was raised in a very small village in one of the most beautiful areas of rural Sweden. She spent her early youth among wild animals in the big forest and all other kinds of animals she could possibly find and take home to the family farm. One day, Petronella suddenly decided that she wanted to become a fantastic cellist, not anymore a world-famous horse rider. It took everyone by surprise.
If you want more information about me and my different programs, feel free to contact me by eMail, phone or on the contact form here on the website! petronella@swedishcellist.com
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Master in music

We did it Mr cello! We have now a official masters degree in music! It is an Amazing feeling and the beginning of a new

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The machine veritabel

When the director of the conservatorium calles you up to say -Petronella,I have a crazy project for you! You know anything can happen. The crazy

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We can do it mr cello!

The grand final of my studies at the conservatorium and the beginning of my professional life. Kodaly cello sonata fantasia op 4 and the Swedish

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