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Petronella can perform music in many different ways and genres. Folk music, popular music and of course classical music. As a cellist she performs individually or in groups. She plays in duos, trios, quartets.

Take Away Concerts

The Swedish Specials

Diverse musical program put together by Petronella with her Cello and Voice. Come on a musical journey from old folk tunes about mythical creatures of the north to swining jazz all the way to Bach’s epic classical cello suite.

A concert where Petronella shares all her love for the different genres.

min. 45 minutes / 200 € (*for private events)

Contact Petronella for full price and details.

Feed your Ears!

The Swedish Cellist Special
200 45 min / excl. Travel Time
  • Experience the Cello in all it's glory!
  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Folk Music

Winter's Tale

The Christmas Gift of the year is a Cellist!
200 45 min / excl. Travel Time
  • Embrace the winter season with Christmas music and legends of the north
  • Christmas Songs
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Take Away Concerts

A la Carte - Your Song

A concert where you decide the music. Make your own live concert with your favourite songs performed by Petronella with her cello & voice. Perfect for Weddings, Anniversaries, Funerals or any special event.

Petronella comes and plays for you in your home or any where else you want to enjoy live music! When you are having a lovely cosy dinner/party or just want to surprise that special someone with beautiful live music that they always will remember. The repertoire is cello and song in a bag of best stories and immortal pieces.

Price: on request & depending on your wishes.

Concert Series

Telegram uit Nederland

Telegram från Nederländerna - Telegram from the Netherlands

What would have happenend if Cornelius Vreeswijk, Sweden’s beloved troubadour, had been born in Sweden and moved to the Netherlands, played the cello instead of guitar and had been a woman?!

A Swedish Cellist, Petronella Torin proudly presents the program “Telegram uit Nederland”, where the cellist and singer Petronella Torin re-interprets Cornelius’ songs. Petronella talks about music and life in words and tones with a twinkle of humour in her eye.

Torin has a few things in common with our beloved composer and performs a personal program with Cornelius’ songs, sharing his connection with Sweden and the Netherlands.

The songs are performed in Vreeswijk’s two languages, Dutch and Swedish. A program with one foot in Sweden and the other in the Netherlands just like Cornelius himself.

Hens, songs in the wind and moonlight dances, performed with a cello and a woman’s voice in memory of Cornelius Vreeswijk.

If you are interested to book this program for your theatre or big event, please contact Petronella. She will be more than happy to talk to you.


Opera Cellissimo

The dynamic unique combination of a human voice and the voice of instruments -the cello. Soprano Egita Gielen and cellist Petronella Torin have made an opera program out of the usual form where the voice of the instrument world – the cello and the human voice takes us to the flirty and characterful Carmen, the fury of the Queen of the Night and the mystical legends of the North. It is a compact and intimate musical journey through the masterpieces of the world’s greatest stories


String Crossing

The brother and sister instrument, violin and cello, create a fantastic combination that produces an intriguing concert with a lot of variety. Something for every taste in a delicate combination between music and the people behind it.

String Crossing is a dynamic duo formed by Petronella Torin (cello) and Theo Carpentier (violin).

Together they play classical masterpieces and groovy folk tunes.

Petronella and Theo have a shared passion for music and take us on a musical journey through classic masterpieces, jazz and beloved folk melodies. Theo also has a great passion for arranging and composing their own music that the duo performs.