Cello School

Welcome to Petronella’s Cello school in Maastricht! Come as you are and become what you want!

I am proud to say that I have students of all ages and levels my oldest student is 85 years!

The cellist & his instrument

The cello is an amazing instrument that is capable of playing all genres: classical, jazz, folk, rock & pop. You can play alone or in big orchestras with the cello; only your imagination sets the limits.

The cello is a string instrument, which means that the cello has four strings that create the wonderful sound of the cello. The cello’s body is made out of wood and a fun fact is that the cello sounds better and better the older they get. Some of the world’s most beautiful instruments are over 200 years old.

Anyone that likes the instrument can become a cellist. To become a cellist you need an instrument and a cello teacher. To become a great cellist, you need to practice 😉

As a cello teacher my mission is to create an interest in my students and teach them how to learn. I want that every student creates a lifelong interest for the cello. The cellist’s life is filled with community, friendship & history.

The skills you learn with your instrument is also transparent to other parts of your life.

Nobody ever said I regret I learned to play cello.

10 good reasons to play the cello

  1. I regret starting to play cello… Said nobody ever! You never regret knowing how to play the cello.
  2. Some of our world’s most fantastic musical pieces were written for the cello. Learning the cello, you get to enjoy the best music.
  3. Anyone can play the cello regardless of size, color, nationality. Everyone can play it to their own ability.
  4. You have the most fantastic colleges. Yes, other cellists are a lot of fun and you might end up with friends for life not only with your instrument but also with your collegues.
  5. Playing cello makes you smarter! Einstein once said: “Life without playing music is inconceivable to me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of music”. And as it turns out, Einstein was onto something: many studies show a correlation between musical training and academic success, in both children and adults. Learning to play an instrument stimulates the brain, improving functions like memory and abstract reasoning skills, which are essential for maths and science. Researchers have found that learning to play a musical instrument can enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literary skills. Playing an instrument makes you use both sides of your brain, which strengthens memory power.
  6. Playing cello makes you healthier in body and in mind. Research show that playing an instrument can reduce stress & pain, make you sleep better, reduce depressive symptoms, improve memory and cognitive abilities plus much more. While playing, your body produces endorphins and a lot of other chemical subjects. It is the same hormones that your body experiences when you fall in love! So, the cello is a love potion in it self with magical healing powers 😊
    Maby now you know why it is so easy to fall in love with a skilled musician!
  1. You get super powers🦸‍♀️
    The cello will over time make you develop some superpowers like incredible coordination skills, ear memory, you will be able to just hear a tune and then play it without scores or create feelings in other humans with your music without saying a word. You will be able to speak to humans without understanding there language you will use the music as a tool to communicate.
    But remember as the old Japanese master Suzuki once said “the string doesn’t feel anything it just sings out of the heart of the person playing”
  2. You have to eat cake 🍰🧁🥧
    Yes it is true, one of the most important thing as a cellist is that you have a nice butt to sit on during long rehearsals and practice sessions. The best way to get a comfortable butt is cake and carrying the cello up alot of stairs. Do you get worried to get fat? Playing the cello you burn 150 calories an hour
  3. You can become anyone.
    Yes as a cellist you can step into the role of anyone; a hero or a vilan, happy or sad and Al the grey zones in between. Every piece of music has it own story and characters, your job is to express them and tell their stories.
  4. You can play with other artforms!✨🎭
    The cello’s great ability of playing any genre, opens up the possibility for collaborations between the artforms. You can easy work with dancers, painters, DJ’s, actors, poets. The possibilities are endless.


For more reasons you can check the

In my class, we focus on positive pedagogic teaching. That means we focus on making you succeed in your learning prosses. I will prepare you (pre-teach) so you can develop your cello skills within a positive, secure environment. Build up skills that we later can channel in cool, beautiful music. A good balance between building up skills and using them.

In the Cello Lessons we learn

  • Cello Technique
  • Bow and Left Hand
  • Artistic Expression
  • Music Theory
  • Ear Training
  • Learning Skills
  • Memorising
  • Study Techniques
  • Performance Skills

Lessons Prices

  • 30 min 30 €
  • 45 min 35 €
  • 60 min 42 €

As a cellist, we need abilities as craftsmen, humans and artists. A cello player needs all three ingredients, that is why learning an instrument is a gift not only in music but for life.

Playing the cello is not only the skill to play but the skills you learn with your instrument also translate to other parts of your life.

Online Classes

In my cello school, you can also take your lessons online via skype or Zoom.

I also offer free lessons on my YouTube channel called Practice with Petronella.

Practice Cello with Petronella is complementary practise video series, where you practice with me and learn the very basics of cello playing, The videos can be used as help when you are home practicing or to learn new skills and repetition.

Don't delay, book your lessons today 😉