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A Swedish Cellist – Petronella Torin. A crazy cello player from the beautiful country of Sweden. She believed she could, so she did.

Petronella Torin was raised in a very small village in one of the most beautiful areas of rural Sweden. She spent her early youth among wild animals in the big forest and all other kinds of animals she could possibly find and take home to the family farm.

One day, Petronella suddenly decided that she wanted to become a fantastic cellist, not anymore a world-famous horse rider. It took everyone by surprise. Petronella studied a music program in Highschool, ‘Orkestermusikerprogramet’ in Vänersborg.

Upon finishing her basic education, she went even deeper into the Swedish wilderness to the beautiful city of Arvika. Where she studied with the Lektor Lars-Inge Bjärlestam at Ingesund.

Petronella started her conservatorium education in Odense, Denmark; the home of great artists such as H.C. Andersen and Carl Nielsen. Her professor for the three-year bachelor course was the great solo cellist of Malmö Symfoniorkestra, Professor Niels Ullner.

Then Petronella did an Erasmus year in Holland in the wonderful town of Maastricht. At the Maastricht Conservatorium, she worked with Ursula Smith (Professor at the Guildhall School of Music (London) and solo Cellist in Esbjerg Ensemble in Denmark).

Now Petronella just finished studying her master in music performance in Liège (Belgium) at the Royal Conservatorium of Liège with Professor Jean-Paul Zanutel.

It is with pleasure that I give the following statement about the young Swedish cellist, Petronella Torin: She is a serious and hard working student. Petronella combines her fine musicality and sense of tone production with a strong ambition to constantly improve her playing which has really payed off during the last years.
Niels Ullner
Cello Professor

2016 Petronella started her company “A Swedish cellist” and her project “Take Away Concerts – Feed your Ears”. Her idea is that you can order a concert to your home like take away food. Her mission is to spread classical music and build bridges between people and music. She also did a project in Sweden called “the Christmas Present of the Year is a Cellist”. This was a big success with 19 concerts in two weeks.


Orchestra Music, Highschool

The Conservatorium of Ingesund in Arvika, Sweden
studied with Lars inge Bjärlestam

Danish National Academy of Music
Bachelor degree studied with Professor and solo Cellist Niels Ullner

Maastricht Conservatorium, Netherlands
Master Program, studied with Ursula Smith

Conservatoire Royale de Liège, Belgium
Master Program studied Jean-Paul Zannutel


Aurora Masterclass Sweden

Ursula SmithProfessor Guildhall London

Hanno KirskiProfessor Sebelius academy Finland

Torleif ThedeenProfessor in Edsberg, Sweden

Michaela Fukacová MurisetSolo cellist Odens Symphony Orchestra

Anna Dorothea WolffSecond solo cellist Odense Symphony Orchestra

Robert NagySolo cellist in the Wiener Philharmonic Orchestra

Mats RondinProfessor in Malmö Academy Sweden

Maria KliegelProfessor at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Cologne

Stephan BraunProfessor in the Jazz Department in Hannover & Berlin, Germany


Principal cellist in the DUEN, Danish Youth Ensemble

It is the National youth orchestra of Denmark, lead by Morten Ryelund.
Petronella participated in the recording of “Nordic Light”, a CD featuring Scandinavian composers.

Odense Symphony orchestra, Mahler 2nd Symphony and The Bells by Rachmaninov

Esbjerg Ensemble, New Year concerts 2014 and 2015

Played and represented Sweden in orchestra festivals in France and Spain:
Festival Internacionale de Orquestas Jovenes

Opera “Dalslands Operan” 2004

Put music to the art
Kunst Museum Brands, Denmark

Bosch Parade 2022


La Voix Humaine, Théâtre Royal de Liège, 2017

Opéra Royal de Wallonie, Belgium, 2017

Duo Dalsland Singer and Cello

Oto Piano Trio

Piano and Cello

Echt een Opera 2023