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Mental Training

Mental training for Musicians – turning your knowledge into competence. We as musicians are often full with knowledge that we learned during all the hours spent with our instruments. But do we use all that we know and do we live by our knowledge?

Mental training for musicians is Sport psychology turned into a program for musicians. The program is 100% based on scientific studies and works even if you don’t believe in them because it is developed after how the human brain works not after your beliefs.

What mental training does for you:

  • Gives you the ability to perform your best at given specific moment
  • Making it possible to perform at a high level
  • Gives you control over stage anxiety
  • Gives you control over stress and tools to handle it
  • Practise effectively and learn fast
  • Memorizing
  • Relax your muscles
  • Better sleep
  • Build up a strong mind
  • Making goals and getting tools to reach them
  • Creating a carrier
  • Living a happier life.

In The Mental training for musicians training program, we go through the common challenges that a musician faces. We make it possible for you to play well at concerts and practise effectively, create goals and helping you reach them.

I started my journey to become a mental trainer when I reach a point in my cello studies at the conservatory, when I had engulf. My teacher told me that I was his best and worst student because my performances varied so much.
He was right, one day I played fantastically and the next it felt like I was a total beginner again. I had heard that the athletes in the Olympics had mental trainers that help them mentally to overcome their competition and struggles and I really felt I could use something like that.

To be honest I was ready to try anything because what I was doing clearly didn’t work I wanted to be seen for what I actually could do not a victim to fate or chance. The definition of an idiot is, after all, someone doing the same thing expecting different results.

I didn’t find anyone in the music world that could help me with controlling my nerves most people just said practice more and that was not the answer for me.

One day I discovered the mental trainer Kjell Enhager on Youtube and for the first time I understood that there was a way to control my nerves on stage, there was a way to learn better and more effective and that way was mental training.
I scored the highest grade in the cello class that year in the Royal Conservatory of Liége, Belgium. My teacher was amazed and so was I.

Since then I understood the need for this kind of training in music education. I decided to study to become a licenced Mental trainer at the Scandinavian leader university for the founder of sport psychology in the world professor Lars-Eric Urnestål. I wanted to be able to provide my self and my cello student a complete education with everything a musician needs, not only technique and artistry but also the ability to share the skills.
Soon after my transformation people also started to ask what had happened to me?! How could I suddenly become so much better so fast? And could I teach them the same…

Mental training is not rocket science but it is just like normal muscles if you don’t train mentally you get out of shape. Don’t believe me, try for your self.