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Baroque for Beginners

In “Baroque for Beginners” we will get an introduction to the Baroque Era and different styles and instruments.

After the lecture, you get to try out playing baroque pieces in an open Masterclass Lesson with Sanna Gillerfors.

Sanna Gillerfors

Swedish Baroque & Modern Cellist, Teacher, Organist, Singer

Sanna was educated at the Danish National Academy of Music, Conservatorium Maastricht & Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles.
She is currently based in Brussels, where she freelances, teaches and works as a musician in the Swedish Church in Brussels.
Sanna is especially passionate about early music and bringing it out to the public, wherever they may be. Her approach is open, curious and energetic, while striving towards what has been an objective for musicians for centuries: to communicate emotions.


9th & 10th September 2022


String Players of all ages & levels



“Aen de Wan”
Einsteintraat 32
6227 BZ Maastricht


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