Swedish Cellist Icon, Blue & Yellow

finaly i resived my beloved loop station.

for you who are not femilliar with the magical powers of a loopstation the loop is:

For the uninitiated, a loop is simply a snippet of audio that plays repeatedly. With a Loop Station, you can plug in a cello,mic, or other instrument, record a loop on the spot, and then use it as accompaniment for further live playing and/or singing. You can also overdub new performances while the loop plays, a feature also known as “sound-on-sound” recording. Many Loop Stations even have multitrack capability, allowing you to play multiple loops at one time.

As you hear this is a fantastic devise that i will use in future preformance. My first preformmans will be called Me, Myself and Mr cello and will be on ture this summer in sweden.

happy easter to you guys.