Swedish Cellist Icon, Blue & Yellow

From the 28 of October to 4 th of November i was in cello heven in a smal Village in Germany. It was here the spirit of jazz inchanted me.

With a genius teacher as Stephan Baum i got a good start of Learning jazz on the cello.

The cellofestival with 100 cellist Also included alot of other amazing cellist and students from the hole World.

In the ens i was priveliged to get the oppertunety to play in the jazz concert infront of 900 peapole on a big stage. A memorable moment in my life . I loved it, it was awsome! Singing and playing Swedish jazz on the cello is my new thing ?❤️?

Besides al the new vistom i left Germany with 2 sets of new strings from Thomastik infield and Larsen. So grate strings my cello sounds like a Stradivarius now.