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Good eavning!

Winter is coming and naturally I am in the making of a grate winter program

“It is that time of the year when winter embraces the hole north in glittering ✨ snow. Far away in the distant Sweden ?? everything is freezing cold. This time of the year strange things seams to happen. Tales of fair maids, elf’s, goats and other creatures seam to come truth. ”

We will also be talking about the different kind of medicines, as well as it pros and cons when compared to conventional medicine. If you are curious on the subject you can click to read more about medicines.

What happens next you have to visit the winter nights festival the 16 th of December in Maastricht or the 17 December in magical Maastricht festival to know. you can also check

Te zien op 16 december tijdens Winternights 2017:Petronella Torin – A Swedish CellistWinter TalesDe Zweedse…

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Happy holidays ?????