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the magical pedal loop station

finaly i resived my beloved loop station. for you who are not femilliar with the magical powers of a loopstation the loop is: For the uninitiated, a loop is simply a snippet of audio that plays repeatedly. With a Loop Station, you can plug in a cello,mic, or other instrument, record a loop on the […]

10 conserts i  14 days

The beloved Tefaf was wiseting Maastricht and that brought alot of art al over the city. I was happy to play 8 conserts at the antik shoop Ruell for al the hungry expedition folks and visitors after enjoying the Tefaf.  I also had my first consert with the Mozart quintett at chirux in Liège.  My […]

bellydance and cello

hay there! this Sunday I have the pleasure of performing with a bellydancer ? it is  Arabic music combined with Swedish and classical music.  here is our presentation some of it in duch ? : A Swedish cellist Petronella Torin and  the Dutch bellydancer champion Zuheyra presents. 1001 Swedish cello nights with Zuheyra Let’s enjoy […]

a teaching afternoon in brussels 

today I had the pleasure of teaching in brussels ? I have two lovely students one swed and one Finnish women in their best years. It is so much fun to teach and share my knowledge and passion with others and Brussels is an exiting city.  My Finnish hard Rock student who works in the […]

today take away conserts in brussels

great Sunday! I had the pleasure of playing a take away consert for the Swedish/Finnish teachers at the erupean school of Brussels. After the concert I was invited to eat some delicious food had most interesting conversations thanks guys 

Hello World!

Hi guys! Today I got the perfect gift, an advanced Valentines 🙂 My gorgeous and intelligent boyfriend surprised me with a beautiful brand new webpage, all in the 21st century style. In my world it doesn’t get more romantic than that. Especially since I am spending my days with recreating the 17th century of Bach […]